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What happened with Air India Express aircraft

The Air India Express plane that crashed at the Karipur Airport in Kozhikode, Kerala, landed about a thousand meters ahead of the place on the runway. Because of this, the pilot was not able to reduce the speed of the aircraft and stop it on the runway. However, the investigation has started to find out the cause of the accident. The aircraft’s black box has been found. The death toll in the accident has increased to 18. Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri along with his associate minister and senior officials reached the spot and took stock of the situation.

Was to land on runway number 28

A spokesman for the Airports Authority of India (AAI) said that the aircraft was to land on runway number 28, which was in use. But in the first landing attempt, the pilot did not see the runway properly. The aircraft was allowed to land on runway number 10 at the pilot’s request. The total length of this runway is 2,700 meters. But due to the reduced light due to heavy rain, the pilot failed to land the aircraft on the runway even at the fixed location.

Seven women and four children were also among the dead

Nearly a thousand meters ahead of the taxiway, the plane hit the ground and the pilot could not find enough space to reduce its speed. As a result, the plane fell further into the ditch and broke into two pieces. The death toll in this accident has risen to 18, including both pilots. The dead include 14 adults and four children. There are seven males and seven females among 14 adults.

A black box will be brought to Delhi

An official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that the black box of the aircraft has been found. An aircraft’s black box contains both a digital flight data recorder (DFDR) and a cockpit voice recorder (CVR). The black box will be brought to Delhi for further investigation. The DFDR contains information about the aircraft’s speed, its altitude and fuel.

Strict steps should be taken so that such accidents do not happen again

The CVR records conversations in the cockpit of the aircraft. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) has started an investigation to find out the cause of the accident. The black box helps a lot in the investigation. Aviation consultancy firm CAPA says that DGCA and AAIB should take strict measures after examining the incident to improve the security of the tabletop airport in particular.

Aviation minister took stock of the incident

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri told reporters after taking stock of the incident in Kozhikode that the families of the deceased would get Rs 10 lakh each, the seriously injured would get Rs 2 lakh and the minor injured would get an interim of Rs 50 each. Relief will be given. He said that as per the International Civil Aviation Organization agreement, steps will be taken to provide compensation to the victims.

Kerala government also announced a compensation of 10-10 lakhs

Puri was accompanied by Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralitharan Rao, Chairman of Air India and CEO of Air India Express, among other senior officials. The Kerala government has also announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh each to the kin of the deceased. Also, the state government will bear all the expenses for the treatment of the injured.

Deepak Sathe was the best pilot

Civil Aviation Minister Puri said that Captain Deepak Vasant Sathe, the pilot killed in the accident, was one of the finest and experienced pilots of Air India. He had an experience of flying the aircraft for more than 10,000 hours. Assistant pilot Akhilesh Kumar also had 1,723 hours of flying experience. Puri said that Deepak Sathe had earlier landed the aircraft on this runway at least 27 times.

Corrective steps will be taken

AAI chairman Arvind Singh said that corrective steps would be taken after receiving the investigation report of the accident. Kozhikode Airport is operated by AAI. Singh denied that there was a security problem at the airport recently. He said that 10 aircraft were operating daily at this airport after the corona started.

Appreciate the locals for the quick help

Civil Aviation Minister Puri as well as Kerala Chief Minister P. Vijayan praised the immediate rescue work by local authorities and people after the accident, which saved many lives. Vijayan, who reached Kozhikode to take stock of the situation, said that with the quick help of the local people, the situation changed completely.

Vande Bharat Mission will continue

The aircraft was being operated from the Gulf country under the Vande Bharat Mission. The Vande Bharat Mission was launched to bring back stranded Indians to other countries due to Corona lockdown. The Ministry of Civil Aviation said on Saturday that the mission will continue. The ministry said, “Vande Bharat Mission flights are not a problem, it will continue.”

The families of that pass away will get one million compensation.

Air India aircraft coming from Dubai fell victim to an accident at the airport in Kozhikode, Kerala late on Friday evening. The runway was flooded due to heavy rains and the aircraft slipped into a ditch about 50 feet deep at the time of landing. 18 people on board the aircraft have died and 127 people have been injured. The Information Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) recovered digital flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders from the aircraft. They will be brought to Delhi for further investigation. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri visited Kozhikode Airport. He has also announced compensation in the plane crash. Along with this, the Chief Minister of Kerala has announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the families of those killed.

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