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Trump signs executive order banning TikTok, WeChat

Trump signs executive order banning TikTok, WeChat

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning popular Chinese applications such as TicketLock and WeChat, calling them a threat to national security and the country’s economy. Trump said in two separate executive orders on Thursday that the ban would come into force in 45 days. It is noteworthy that India is the first country to ban TicTalk and WeChat. India imposed this ban citing national security concerns. India has banned 106 Chinese apps.

India’s move was welcomed by the Trump administration and American lawmakers. Trump said in government information sent to Congress that the proliferation of mobile apps developed and owned by Chinese companies in the US is a threat to national security, foreign policy, and the country’s economy.

He said, ‘At this time, an order has been given to deal with TikTok, especially a mobile app.’

Trump said that TicTalk, a video-sharing mobile application owned by Chinese company ByteDance Limited, gets a lot of information from its users.

He alleged that this data collection poses a threat to the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ access to personal information of Americans, which may enable China to monitor federal personnel and contractors, collecting private information to blackmail them. Can do and corporate espionage.

The president said that TickTock also censors content that the Chinese Communist Party considers politically sensitive, such as content related to demonstrations in Hong Kong and material related to China’s dealings with the Uygar and other Muslim minorities. Are being given.

He said that Ticketcock can also be used for the propaganda campaigns benefiting the Chinese Communist Party. Trump said that a ban on this application will come into force 45 days from today under this order to deal with this threat.

Trump said in another executive order that it is reported that ‘WeChat’, a social media and electronic payments app owned by the Chinese company Tencent Holdings Ltd, has more than one billion users worldwide, including the US.

“Like WeChat, the WeChat app also gains a great deal of information from its users, threatening the Chinese Communist Party’s access to personal information from Americans,” he said.

Trump said that the WeChat app could keep an eye on Chinese citizens coming to America, allowing the Chinese Communist Party to keep an eye on Chinese citizens who are enjoying the benefits of an independent society for the first time in their lives.

The US President said, “Like WeChat, the WeChat app also allegedly removes information that the Chinese Communist Party finds politically sensitive and can be used for propaganda campaigns that benefit the party.” is.’ US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently accused Ticketock of collecting personal information about Americans.

Trump will take action against TikTok and other China apps “in the coming days”: Mike Pompeo

President Donald Trump is soon going to take tough action against the Chinese video-sharing app Ticketock, keeping American’s security in mind. This information was given by US State Secretary Mike Pompeo on Sunday. He said that Ticketcock and other Chinese software companies operating in the US, such as WeChat, give private data of American citizens directly to the Chinese Communist Party. Pompeo said that America has not paid attention to it for years because Americans felt that “we like these apps.”

Pompeo told Fox News, “President Trump has said ‘enough happened’ and we are going to fix it.” “So they will take action in the coming days with regard to the security risks posed by software associated with the Chinese Communist Party.” Includes identity, address, phone number, and friend’s information.

At the same time, US Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday that in the current situation of the country, the Chinese app Ticketcock cannot remain in the country in its current form because the information of about 100 million Americans from the app is in danger of going out.

Two days earlier, US President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that they were considering banning TickTalk. On Friday, it was reported in the media that the technology giant Microsoft is in talks for an advance round towards the acquisition of the US operations of Ticktok. Mnuchin, chairman of the committee on foreign investment in the US, told ABC News in an interview, “I have publicly stated that it is being reviewed.” The entire committee agrees that TITTOCK cannot live in the current format because there is a risk of about 100 million Americans being leaked.

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