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Shilpi Raj’s Bhojpuri song ‘Kanwariya Dole He’ is viral as soon as it is released on YouTube, Bolbam Song gets millions of views


Video | Hey Kanwariya Dole. Shilpi Raj | Kanwariya Dole He | Bhojpuri BolBam Song 2021 | Famous Singer of Bhojpuri Cinema Shilpi Raj Doesn’t require any identification. His songs make a lot of noise in the Bhojpuri industry. Whatever song of Shilpi Raj is released, it soon becomes popular among the audience and soon becomes viral. Recently his new Bhojpuri song ‘Kanwariya Dole Hey’ has been released which is getting very good response.

Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj’s new Bhojpuri song ‘Kanwariya Dole He’ was released today i.e. on July 21 on VR Music’s YouTube channel. This song has got millions of views in a few hours. Till the time of writing the news, the song has 487,185 views and this figure is increasing rapidly. This Kanwar song of Shilpi Raj is quite unique. In this song Shiva devotees are seen who are immersed in the devotion of the innocent. Shilpi Raj herself is also seen in the song. Many songs of Bhojpuri singers have been released as soon as Sawan comes, which people are very fond of. Let us tell you that this song has been written by Vijay Chauhan while music has been given by Arya Sharma. The director of the song is Pawan Pal.

Another Bhojpuri song ‘Mulayam Kara Raja Ji 2’ by Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj has been released recently, which people have liked very much. Shilpi Raj’s Bhojpuri song ‘Mulayam Karऽ Raja Ji’ was released on 15 July on the YouTube channel of Team Films Bhojpuri. In terms of views, the song started a bit slow but the song is so much fun that people are enjoying listening to it. This song is such that it can force anyone to dance. Pawan Raja Yadav has sung this song of Shilpi Raj with him. The chemistry of Pawan Raja Yadav and his actress is getting solid in the song. People are liking the bold idea of ​​the heroine of the song. This song is written by Suraj Singh while the music of the song is given by Anil Yadav.

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