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New Education Policy of India 2020

New Education Policy of India 2020
Under the new education policy, on the lines of private schools, government schools will also be involved in studies from the boy primary (playgroup, nursery-KG). Khakhra will be taught in these classes before admission to class one. When it comes to the playgroup, sports and entertainment equipment will be collected.
The needs and challenges of additional teachers and staff for the education and safety of young children will also be exposed. Under Early Childhood Care and Education, the children of poor families will be connected to education with technical assistance. This initiative of the government has brought a new curiosity on the one hand and on the other hand, it is not coming out of the imagination of the parents and academics. If this initiative is successful in basic education, the picture of schools will change.

The problem of balancing ‘teachers and tots’

There will be problems in balancing the teachers and tots (teaching the teacher and their children) in conducting classes like playgroups, nursery. Will teachers handle small children with big degrees? Two to four teachers handle classes one to eighth. In private schools, there are two teachers and associates in a class ranging from wiping the nose of children to feeding short doubts, long-term, tiffins. Government schools do not have boundaries. Animals roam. Will children be safe? These are big questions, which do not allow this initiative to fall out of the trap of imagination.
Dr. Manju Gaur, Principal Shantiniketan World School

Systems will be made, but there will be challenges

There are many challenges before taking a new initiative. It is only by fighting challenges that you achieve your goal. Right now, the government will come up with a guideline regarding the operation of playgroup, nursery-KG classes. What arrangements will be made? How will the budget be arranged? Who will handle teachers and staff? Operations will take place after the situation becomes clear about all this. If you improve your basic education from a young age, you will get better results up to higher education.
Dr. Laxmikant Pandey, B.S.A.

Parental lyrics

It is a good initiative. Due to the Corona period, children have not been admitted anywhere. If a private system is created in government schools, then we will get admission there. Along with education, security will also be necessary.
If there is a private system in government schools, then the children will be admitted there. Will this happen? Schools are closed now so we can wait for arrangements to be made. The responsibility of protecting children will also have to be decided by the government.

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