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Memorial in the name of Samuel Stokes in Himachal, Panga Queen Kangana demands from CM Jairam


Shimla. The credit of bringing apple to Himachal Pradesh for the first time goes to an American citizen, Satyanand Stokes. He had first grown apples in Kotgarh, Shimla, the capital of the state. Now Bollywood actress Kangana, who is in discussion and belongs to Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, has demanded from CM Jairam Thakur for Samuel Stokes. He said that the government should name any monument or landmark in his name. Let us tell you that Samuel Stokes later changed his name to Satyanand Stokes. He was the father-in-law of Himachal Congress veteran and former minister and MLA Vidya Stokes.

What did Kangana say?
Kangana wrote on social media that Samuel Stokes was not Indian, but he fought for India’s independence and faced charges of sedition by the British government. He came from a wealthy American Quaker family, gave up everything, learned Sanskrit, became a Hindu, established a school and brought apples to Himachal Pradesh. Himachali farmers earn most of their income from apple orchards, but very few people know about them. I request our Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur to name a prominent place in Himachal after Shri Samuel Stokes. We should do this favor to ourselves. Because Samuel followed Hinduism throughout his life and Pitrupuja (Gratitude to the Ancestors) is of paramount importance in our culture and we should give our respect to this person. His work, hard work and foresight is giving employment to lakhs of people in Himachal till date.

Which Samuel Stokes
About 111 years ago in 1905, a young man from America came to Himachal. The young man’s name was Samuel Evans Stokes. Stokes saw the people of Shimla struggling with illness and livelihood, and decided to serve them by staying here. The American youth married a local girl and became an Arya Samaji and named himself Satyanand Stokes. A school was also opened in that period in Kotgarh.

Plants brought from America
In the year 1916, Stokes prepared the first apple orchard in Barubag of Thanadhar Panchayat of Kotgarh by bringing Red Delicious species plant from America. From Kotgarh, this species soon spread to other areas of the state and its other improved varieties were planted on a large scale in the state. The father of American Samuel Sotox, who did social service in Thanadhar, died in 1911. During his return, he bought American apple saplings and got them planted on two bighas of land. Stokes was not aware of apple cultivation. They started cultivating it by reading from books. In 1921, when apple plants started bearing fruit in this garden, Stokes increased the area of ​​the garden. Golden apple saplings were also planted in the early 1930s. Satyanand Stokes died in 1946. Let us tell that every year in Himachal, an average apple business of five thousand crore rupees is done here.

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