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How to protect your Whatsapp from fake news by Whatsapp web feature

How to protect your Whatsapp from fake news

Social messaging app WhatsApp has launched a new feature, which is named Search the Web. With the help of this, the authenticity of the message to be forwarded can be found out. According to WhatsApp, it will go a long way in preventing the spread of fake news. This feature allows us to know the truth of the forward message by tapping directly on the forwarded message. Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has introduced Search the Web feature from select countries. But the company will soon launch this feature in India as well.

Let me tell you that all the wrong information was being spread on WhatsApp about the Coronavirus a few months ago. In such a situation, the company has launched many features to deal with this problem. Also, a new search the Web feature is being brought by WhatsApp. According to the company’s claim, this feature is quite easy to use. Currently, Search the Web feature is available in countries such as Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain.

How to protect your Whatsapp from fake news by Whatsapp web feature 

The right next to side will display a search lens-shaped glass icon in the forward message displayed on WhatsApp. If you tap on the message in the chatbox, then all the details related to your forward message will go directly to the web search page, from where all the information about the forward message can be obtained and the authenticity of the forward message can be found. Also, if you feel the forwarded message is fake, you can prevent it from being forwarded. In simple words, tagging of fake news can be done. Before this, the limit for forwarding messages was fixed by WhatsApp with the intention of curbing fake news.

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