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Historic day 5th August Will Bhumi Pujan of Ram Mandir be done?

Ayodhya is being imprisoned in an impregnable security cordon on 5 August for Bhoomi Poojan held at the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A day before, the Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary Home, DGP, and other officials visited Ayodhya and prepared a blueprint for the security of the entire Ayodhya including Ramjanmabhoomi and issued instructions to the authorities to execute it. It is being told that the boundaries of Ayodhya will be sealed on the day of Bhoomi Pujan, there will be a ban on the gathering of five people in the city.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attending the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony to be held on August 5 for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. In view of this, the administration in Ayodhya is following all the protocols.
The first protocol is about the coronavirus, on which the administration has a full focus. DIG / SSP Deepak Kumar said that the Prime Minister has had a meeting with all the agencies regarding security, all preparations are being done, all the standards of security are being met.
Under the COVID protocol, no more than 5 people will be allowed to congregate in Ayodhya on 5 August. Deepak Kumar told that security arrangements are being made for all the VVIPs or all the invited guests. We are fully alert about security. Whether it is guests, VVIPs, or the common Ayodhya, all the people will be given full security.

Preparations to seal Ayodhya

Tight security arrangements are being made in Ayodhya. In view of Prime Minister Modi’s visit on 5 August, there is a plan to seal Ayodhya from all sides. Arrangements made in the past are being monitored on all entry routes to Faizabad city including Ayodhya. No one will be allowed to enter Ayodhya before the eve of the main event of Bhoomipujan.

A historic decision was taken on this day a year ago

Preparations for Bhoomi Poojan of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya are in full swing. On August 5, Bhoomi Pujan will be done in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During this time a limited number of VVIP people will be involved. The date of August 5 is going to be recorded as an important day in the history of India.
A year ago on this day i.e. on 5 August 2019, the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah announced a controversial but historic decision. That decision was to abolish Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. After which Jammu and Kashmir were divided into two union territories.
A year later, after a long political and court battle, the date of August 5 has also been chosen for the Bhoomi Poojan of Ram temple in Ayodhya. The day of the Bhoomi Poojan is near. Preparations for Bhoomi Poojan are going on fast. According to sources, not many people will be invited to Bhoomi Pujan. Let’s know how the Ram temple became a political issue?
According to sources, big leaders of RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP will be called in Bhoomi Pujan. Meanwhile, sources have learned that two senior BJP leaders who led the temple movement, LK Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi, will not be able to visit Ayodhya. The trust invited him but both would not be able to come. They will be included in the ceremony through video conference.

Ram temple Bhoomi Pujan program will begin from Hanumangarhi in Ayodhya

Bhoomi Pujan for Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya is going to be on 5 August. This program will start from Hanumangarhi, during which the mark of Lord Hanuman Ji is going to be worshiped. According to beliefs, Hanuman is the presiding officer of Ayodhya, so the construction work will start with the worship of his mark. Officials of Ram Mandir Trust will also be present during this worship.
Let us know that in the Bhoomi Poojan program to be held on August 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of the temple. During this, PM Modi will also visit the Hanumangarhi temple. Mahant Raju Das, the chief priest of Hanumangarhi told on Sunday, “On August 5, the Prime Minister is coming for Bhoomipujan, he has decided that first, he will visit Hanumangarhi. There will be special worship here. We have been given 7 minutes. Coming and going of the Prime Minister is included, it will take about 3 minutes to worship. “
Let us know that the preparations for the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan (Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan) to be held on August 5 in Ayodhya are in full swing. Senior and veteran BJP leaders LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi will not be able to attend the Bhoomi-Poojan to be held for the construction of Ram Janmabhoomi temple on August 5 in Ayodhya district.
Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust invited him, but both would not be able to go. Will be included in the ceremony through video conference. A call was made on behalf of the trust. A letter is also being sent on behalf of Trust’s General Secretary Champat Rai.
Let us tell you that one of the speculations that were being made about the guestlist for the event has been confirmed. Uma Bharat, the BJP’s firebrand leader who played an important role in the Ram Mandir movement, has confirmed his participation in the Bhoomi Pujan to be held on August 5. That is, among the leaders who participated in this event, the speculations that Uma Bharti was being given were not correct.

Demand not to call any non-Hindu in Bhoomi Pujan of Ram temple

Hindu Mahasabha lawyer Hari Shankar Jain and other lawyers/devotees have written a letter to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust. In the letter, he has said that on August 5, do not call any Muslim / non-Hindu at the birthplace on the day of Bhoomipujan (Bhoomi Pujan) for the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. If called upon, legal action will be taken.
The letter quoted Mecca Medina as saying that Hindus are prohibited from entering there, so how can Muslims be allowed to enter the Ram temple? There is a provision in the Janmabhoomi pilgrimage area that Muslim members will not be included in the trust. This means that Muslims will not be included in the temple program.
Among those who sent the letter included lawyer Hari Shankar Jain, who has represented the Hindu Mahasabha in the High Court and the Supreme Court, Ranjana Agnihotri, the advocate of Shree Ramjanmabhoomi Revival Committee headed by Shankaracharya Swaroopanand and Shishir Chaturvedi, appearing for Kamlesh Tiwari.

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