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Gold price today: futures prices of both gold and silver show decline

The domestic futures market has seen a fall in gold prices on Tuesday. Gold futures on October 5, 2020, fell by 0.05 percent or Rs 28 to trend at Rs 53,689 per 10 grams on MCX Exchange on Tuesday afternoon at 12:19 pm. Apart from this, the futures price of gold on December 4, 2020, was trending at Rs 53,935 per 10 grams on Tuesday morning at 9.57 am, falling by Rs 12. It is worth noting that in the last session, the domestic spot price of gold on Monday was Rs 54,678 per 10 grams.
On Tuesday, the futures prices of silver also showed a decline in the domestic futures market. On September 4, 2020, silver futures on MCX were trading at Rs 65,693 per kg, falling by Rs 55 to 12.20 pm on Tuesday afternoon. Apart from this, on the silver futures price of December 4, 2020, it was currently trading at Rs 67,357 per kg, falling by 1.16 percent or Rs 106 on MCX.

Gold price globally

On the global level, according to Bloomberg, on Tuesday afternoon, gold futures on Comex showed a rise of 0.21 percent or $ 4.20 to trade at $ 1,990.50 an ounce. In addition, the global spot price of gold is currently trending at $ 1,974.51 an ounce, down 0.12 percent, or $ 2.47.

Silver price globally

Speaking of silver futures prices globally, silver futures on Tuesday appeared to be trading at 0.24 per cent, or $ 0.05, at $ 24.47 an ounce on Comex. At the same time, the global spot price of silver was stable at $ 24.30 an ounce at this time.

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