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Entry of Chinese companies will also be closed in highway projects

Entry of Chinese companies will also be closed in highway projects
Amid the border dispute with China, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday that India will not allow Chinese companies to participate in the country’s highway projects. He said that Chinese companies would not be allowed to do the same through joint ventures.
Gadkari said the government will ensure that Chinese investors are not entertained in sectors such as micro, small and medium industries (MSMEs). This statement by the senior minister of the central government holds great significance as India on Monday banned 59 apps citing security reasons.

Joint ventures will also not be allowed

Gadkari told news agency PTI in an interview, “We will not allow joint ventures partnering with China for road construction.” We have taken concrete steps that if they (Chinese companies) come to our country through joint ventures then we will not allow them. ”

The policy will come soon

The Minister of Road Transport and Highways said that a policy prohibiting Chinese companies from participating in highway projects would come soon. Also, regulations will be relaxed for Indian companies to increase their eligibility to participate in highway projects.
When asked about the current tenders and future bids, Gadkari said that if there is a Chinese joint venture in any project, the bidding process will be done again.

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