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English Story : THE MYSTERY OF BLACK ROSE BY SUBHAM SAHA | Episode – 01 | DjM Originals


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It is not our intention to indulge in superstition through DjM ORIGINALS, DjM ORIGINALS does not support superstition in any way.

At DjM ORIGINALS we publish a variety of original stories, ghosts, detectives, murders, mysteries, miracles, etc. Many times in ghost stories we have seen there are mentions of black magic, gods and goddesses, witchcraft, in addition to sorcery, killing of wild animals, heinous crimes like killing people, etc. The writer of the story uses these for the sake of creating exciting weather or plot. No superstition, no unreasonable fear, no indulgence in killing wild animals, killing people, rape. We hope that the viewers of DjM ORIGINALS will also be free from reform and will enjoy reading these stories with an open mind.


Although we changed some words for the sake of storytelling, we kept the original story completely unchanged, adding some sentences and words to the story for editing and to increase the value of the story.

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Nikilesh said while keeping the newspaper on table, When will the shadow of terror from the city will disappear as because now a days people are scared to stay out of their house at night as it is very much dangerous.
Now a days the city of Kolkata is covered with a shadow of terror. It has been a few days since in every week two dead bodies are found lying at the same place at Kidderpore Dock. The surprising part is that the two dead bodies were surrounded with black roses on all sides and every time it is twenty roses used to surround the dead bodies. This is not the end there is also another shocking news the persons killed were someone who were criminal in the eyes of law by due to no proof was found against them, they were set free without being punished. At the beginning when the bodies were found they seemed sleeping on the dock surrounded with black roses as there was no  sign of wound on their body expect a small dot on their feet. This had become a fact of terror as this incident occur at an interval of every three days.
I replied, Yes, when when will the double murder mystery will be solved and stopped who knows. But as you said I cant understand why will the normal people need to be worried as the the killer is killing only them who are criminal and not been punished by law due to lack of proof.
Nikilesh said, Thats true but we dont know whose number is next. There are many who may be in the list of the killer. So how will you..
Nikilesh cannot complete as because the the doorbell rings. I went to open the door. Its Inspector Samaresh who was standing. As I opened the door he smiled looking at me and asked, Is Nikilesh inside?
I said, Yes he is here please come in.
Nikilesh looked happy as if he was expecting Samaresh. Samaresh and Nikilesh are best friend since childhood. As Nikilesh is a private investigator so when Samaresh finds any difficulties in any case he comes to Nikilesh for help without any hesitation and Nikilesh happily helps his friend. I heard many times from Samaresh that Nikilesh from childhood love to read detective stories and solve small cases. 

Nikilesh asked, What happened my friend you look frustrated, is there anything new you came to know in the black rose murder mystery case.
Samaresh said, Only some information after post mortem. Doctor said that all had been killed by cyanide. Shocking is that the cyanide is made up of crushing apple seeds and apple juice was found in everyones stomach.
I said, It seems to be serial killing double murder at a time, black roses surrounding the bodies.
Nikilesh said, Black Rose – Such a beautiful flower but such a dangerous significance. Samaresh you know that these murders occurs after a regular interval then why you are not keeping a tight hidden security security at the day of murder.
Samaresh was smilling after hearing this and then said, What do think my friend I didnt try this technique. I tried two days to stop the murderer with two different team but there was no news at night. So in the morning I went and saw that all were sleeping there and when I woke them up they were shocked that how did they slept at night and there are two dead bodies are found each time surrounding with black roses.
Nikilesh sat on the sofa closed his eyes and said, Okay let me think if you get any more news about it please inform me till then let me see what I can do.
Samaresh left after saying bye to both of us.
I said, What happened did you get something.
Nikilesh without giving reply said, It would be better if I can go to the place. It would help me to get more idea about this case and would like to search in my own way be something is the there that police had not found. 
Next day Nikilesh, Samaresh and I went to Kidderpore Dock to the place where the bodies were found with black roses. We stood at one place while Nikilesh went to search. After around thirty minutes he returned with two spines of rose tree very carefully. Samaresh pulled out an evidence bag and Nikilesh put the spines in the evidence bag.

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