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English Poem : ‘  Hope ‘ by Nabaneeta Seal 

Break the chain
It’s not a game…!
Staying at home is the new boldness
So,stop shrugging your shoulders and showing coldness…
Together we shall win
If we let mother nature be the queen…
Listen to the nature speaking…
Watch your feet else you will end up freaking…
To the dead bodies and natural disbalance
The ecosystem demands equivalence…..
Rise up to the ocassion ; hibernate…
And you shall see the morning sun caressing your fate….!!!
Stay safe & dont be deaf …
Remember the ad of a chocolate brand….
It said..kabhi kuch na karke bhi dekho…! 
Follow it and live life grand….!
Corona chhorona…
Leave us alone…!
We had a good shake to our conscience by now
And shall respect our existence …
Lets take this vow

English poem : ‘Hope’ Written by Nabaneeta Seal

All Copy writes reserved goes to Nabaneeta Seal

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