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New Education Policy of India 2020

Under the new education policy, on the lines of private schools, government schools will also be involved in studies from the boy primary (playgroup, nursery-KG). Khakhra will be taught in these classes before admission to class one. When it comes to the playgroup, sports and entertainment equipment will be collected. The needs and challenges of … Read more

Will America Ban the Chinese App TIKTOK?

President Donald Trump is preparing to take away the command of Tik Tok from the Chinese firm, a rapidly growing app on social media platforms. This information came out through media reports on Friday. He is in the view of taking this decision on the basis of national security. According to Wall Street and Bloomberg … Read more

Chardham Yatra 2020: Know all the terms and conditions before traveling

Devotees from all over the country will now be able to visit Chardham in Uttarakhand. The state government has opened the doors of Chardham Yatra to all states with some conditions. The points of e-pass and guidelines are available on the Chardham Devasthanam Board website. On Friday, Ravinath Raman, Chief Executive Officer of Uttarakhand Chardham … Read more

Is Indraprastha the capital of Pandavas buried in the old fort of Delhi?

The Archaeological Survey of India has decided to preserve the ancient structural remains revealed during the excavation at the old fort about 67 years ago. This was the first excavation in 1953 after the country became independent. This excavation took place to locate Indraprastha, the capital of the Pandavas in the old fort. Keeping this … Read more

How to open SBI FD account from home?

How to open SBI FD account from home? The country’s largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI), offers its savings account holders the option of opening fixed deposits (FD) online. SBI customers can easily open FDs from anywhere using the bank’s online facility. SBI online FD is very convenient for customers, as it can … Read more

Which is safe to bet on in a volatile market?

With no signs of slowing down of the coronavirus epidemic at the moment, investors have begun to worry about diminishing investment options in such a period of market volatility. Acquiring gold as property still retains a distinct attraction in India. Sophisticated complex the dynamics equation of the modern market, as it includes many factors. The … Read more