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America was to be bombed on Kakura, not Nagasaki, know why the plan had to be changed at the last moment

August 9, 1945, is the day the US B-29 bomber aircraft dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. The sky of this city was transformed into a circle of huge smoke, dust, and fire. When the bomber aircraft saw its sight from a distance of 15 miles, they too were silent after seeing its destruction for some time. He was instructed to return to the Uterine immediately after dropping the bomb. If they did not do so, their aircraft could also be hit. It was around ten in the morning when a bomb named Fatmen was dropped on Nagasaki.

After a few moments, the bomb changed its map. Buildings were transformed into rubble and people’s bones were buried in dust. Even those whose breath was going on, their body parts were lying somewhere else. This bomb had swallowed the lives of 70 thousand people in one stroke. The city, once buzzing with crowds, was deserted. There was no one left crying over anyone’s death. This event has completed 75 years. But do you know that Nagasaki was not the first target for US bomber aircraft nor was this bomb to be dropped on 9 August?

Yes, that’s right. Actually, the first target of American bomber aircraft was the city of Kakura. The US had planned a nuclear bomb attack on Japan on the island of Hinayana. The bomb on Hiroshima was dropped on time. But the United States had not fixed August 9 but August 11 for the next nuclear attack. But when it came to know from the Meteorological Department that it would be very cloudy for the next few days, the US changed its plan and fixed it on August 9 in a hurry. The US had chosen three cities for the second nuclear attack. Kakura was the first and Nagasaki was second. According to the plan, the three planes of America were to move forward by coordinating together. Fatmen were planted on one of these.

The scene after the second aircraft dropped the bomb was to be captured on its camera. All the planes flew simultaneously. All three aircraft entered Japan’s air range after a few hours of flight. But after a while the third plane was left behind. The aircraft that had the responsibility of dropping the bomb on the captain was strictly instructed not to turn on its radio transmitter. By doing this, these aircraft could catch the radar of Japan. So they could not do it. After some time the two planes were supposedly over the city of Kakura but the third was not known.

The technical team that was on board the aircraft for the support of Captain did not see the city of Kakura. There were thick clouds, due to which it was difficult to get a rough idea of ​​the city. Captain was informed of this. Due to the lack of a third aircraft, the time for dropping the bomb was running out. During this time the aircraft had made many rounds in the sky. Aircraft oil was steadily decreasing. In such a situation, Kepton decided to leave Kakura and move on. In a few minutes, he had reached his secondary target Nagasaki. Captain’s team saw the city and reported it. The fatmen bomb was dropped over Nagasaki as soon as Keptan got a hint. After the fall of this bomb, the view of Nagasaki changed, after which Japan surrendered and appealed for unconditional surrender. At the same time, America also declared the end of the second world war.

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